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Tree Banding
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100% Organic Pest Control

Charlotte's Tree Banding Pros

  • Stops 85% of cankerworms
  • We maintain our bands through their full life cycle
  • Our bands are squirrel resistant
  • All bands removed free of charge
  • Advanced technology banding system
  • Tree Banding for: City of Charlotte, City of Rock Hill, Town of Matthews & Virginia Dept. of Forestry

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Tree Banding Season is from Mid October to Late December

  • Residential, HOA's, Churches, Historical Landmarks, Office
  • Proven banding system
  • Banding is done in 2 Stages
  • Protection Grids can protect large groups of trees
  • Licensed & Insured
  • City of Charlotte grant matching program accepted

Tree Spraying Services

  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Targeted pest control: Only kills cankerworms and caterpillars!
  • Trees up to 110 feet tall!
  • Discounted rates for current Tree Banding customers
  • Bundling packages
  • Learn more here

Also serving Mint Hill, Fort Mill, Waxhaw, Rock Hill and Concord

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