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Yard Services

  • After many years of being asked by our customers, we have decided to provide a basic yard service for our clients based in Charlotte.
  • Our yard service will include lawn cutting, edging, hedging, and blowing.  We can also cut up and remove small trees, brush, and other basic yard debris.
  • We also provide roof and gutter clean ups and leaf removal packages.
  • There are no monthly contracts.  We can service your yard as many or few times per month as you like and you can cancel at any time.
  • Clients can “bundle” our organic mosquito and pest control service in with yard service.
  • Call us today and inquire about the different packages we offer!
  • We will also offer an aeration and organic fertilization service starting in October.

Commercial Clients

  • City of Charlotte
  • City of Rock Hill, SC
  • Town of Matthews
  • Selwyn Park HOA
  • Coventry Woods HOA
  • Montibello HOA
  • Eastway-Sheffield HOA
  • Brightmoor HOA
  • Madison Park HOA
  • Mecca Properties
  • Hawthorne Properties
  • Churches, historical sites, cemeteries and Real Estate Agencies

Areas of activity

They are sometimes called inch worms or loopers. Cankerworm larvae spin “silken threads” that allow them to:

  • escape predators
  • be blown by the wind to other trees
  • drop to the ground and burrow into the soil when full grown

The eggs of both the fall and the spring cankerworm species hatch in spring and turn into larvae. Cankerworm larvae are light green to brownish-green, often with a darker stripe down the back.

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